UltraFast Real-Time Isothermal & qPCR system
가격문의(상세정보 참조)

 nQ16-X4 is a 16-well real-time Quantitative PCR system. Based on optical signal acquisition technology, time-resolved signal separation technology and unique temperature control technology. It reached the advanced level in terms of detection sensitivity, multi-color crosstalk correction, temperature uniformity and accuracy. The instrument has 4 detection channels (optionally expandable to 5 channels), compatible with most fluorescent dyes and probes, and easily realizes multiplex PCR applications.

 The instrument supports common applications based on real-time PCR detection assay, including qualitative detection, absolute quantification, etc. It is widely used in many fields of basic medical and biological research such as early clinical diagnosis of diseases, detection of pathogen content, detection of tumor-related genes and drug resistance genes, research on gene expression levels in tissues or cells, and detection of transgenic animals and plants.

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