LSK PLUM-HT Isothermal Multi-Mode Reader
가격문의(상세정보 참조)

PLUM-HT™ is an easy-to-use and incubated alternative for a high-throughput plate reader for conducting Loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP), Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA), and Paper-based cell-free tests.

PLUM-HT™ has an optimized software for conducting easy-to-use colorimetric and fluorescence LAMP assays in 96 well PCR plate. Meanwhile, the software is also able to analyze colorimetric ELISA tests with results comparable to a conventional plate reader.

PLUM-HT™ is embedded with validated ready-to-use protocols for LAMP, ELISA and paper-based cell-free assay, including automated data analysis and easy-to-use graphic interface for map setup.

This device also allows internet connection and remote control.