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What materials are used in the PhyTip column body and frit?

All PhyTip column bodies are manufactured from polypropylene. The column frits are mesh or screen retainers composed of a hydrophilic, bio compatible polymer. The column hardware is designed to have minimal contact with the sample protein to reduce protein denaturation. This is accomplished by having protein compatible surfaces and by reducing the overall exposed surface area of the column. The frits have extremely low exposed surface area.

What are the resins that are available for PhyTip columns?

PhyNexus has a wide variety of resins for affinity chromatography, plasmid purification, ion
exchange gel filtration, reverse phase, normal phase and other types of separations. For protein purification, available resins include: ProA, ProG, ProPlus, ProPlus LX, BAC Capture Select, IMAC, Streptavidin, GST, all configurations of ion exchange, gel filtration, etc. In addition, PhyNexus provides a custom packing service whereby virtually any customer-sourced commercial or inhouse resin may be sent to PhyNexus to be packed into the PhyTip columns.

Are PhyTip columns sterile?

No, but as they are supplied, they are resistant to bacteria growth. PhyTip columns are shipped in glycerol which is a bactericide. The columns may be stored at room temperature prior to processing for several hours with no degradation to the column. Depending on the resin, the columns may be treated or conditioned with ethanol/water if desired.

How are PhyTip columns QC tested?

PhyTip columns are tested at multiple steps in manufacturing for, structure, dimensions, backpressure and flow. Each column is tested. The resins in the column have been tested for capacity.

Can I reuse my PhyTip columns?

PhyTip tip columns are priced to be disposable, and we do not recommend the tips be reused.
We cannot guarantee that contaminating proteins will not be eluted into the new experiment.
Nor can the capture efficiency or the recovery of enriched protein from a used column be guaranteed. After use, columns will dry out harming column capacity and subsequent column flow. The resin may become contaminated with bacteria.

What are the resin bed volumes available for the PhyTip column?

PhyNexus Bench benchtop robotic columns have bed volumes of 5, 10, 20, 40, 80, 160, or 320 μL. Bed volumes for the various other robotics can be found in the product section.