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PhyNexus Dual Flow Chromatography Technology for Automated Protein & DNA Sample Prep_youtube

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Learn how PhyNexus Dual Flow Chromatography Technology can help you do better & faster research by letting you recover more protein & plasmids with less sample. By PhyNexus CEO, Douglas Gjerde 

PhyNexus’ proprietary Dual Flow Chromatography (DFC) results in molecular separations by use of bi-directional flow (back-and-forth) of a mobile phase across a stationary phase.  Basic chromatographic principals control the separations, however, the bi-directional flow drives interactions to high loading equilibrium regardless of kinetic rate constants (linear and absolute fluid flow rates, column bed diameter, length and geometry, packing uniformity or column channeling, column dead volumes, or amount of stationary phase in the column). Interactions (reactions within the column) can be controlled and equilibrium shifted by controlling reagent concentrations while limiting reagent volumes.