Protein Maker 24 / 12 : HT Parallel Chromatography

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기존 24 / 12 채널 시스템과 New Model 6채널 시스템을 2022년(??)에 공급할 예정입니다.

Protein BioSolutions provides viable solutions for scientists involved in protein production, characterization, purification and crystallography as well as in DNA sequencing.  We provide sales and service for instruments and devices to assist in the protein production workflow.

Accelerate your research on protein function with parallel purification. The Protein Maker workstation makes high throughput protein purification chromatography simple by allowing you to run 24 columns (1-5 ml) in parallel, and process 96 samples unattended. Protein Maker’s flexible design allows you to customize sample and column types to achieve a variety of tasks:

  •        Produce dozens of purified antibodies in a single day
  •       Evaluate gene expression levels
  •       Analyze functions of different isotypes or clones
  •       Determine the best protein or enzyme purification method for scaling up
  •       Screen constructs for protein structure studies

Protein Biosolution's new ProteinMaker 4.1 Software has a simulation mode that lets researchers invent, test, edit and archive new protein purification methods. In addition, the software upgrade includes modules for collecting and monitoring UV data. Of course, the software provides full control over the instrument's syringe pumps, valves and robotic XYZ gantry, the new software upgrade gives scientists the ability to pause any process whenever they want. The instrument easily adapts to a user's unique needs.

Parallel Protein Chromatography

  • Purify up to 192 protein samples per day (more typical is four runs per day for about 100 samples per day).

Parallel purification!

  • Fully automated: Set up and walk away
  • Customizable purification methods.
  • Load range large volumes: A few mL or 1L+
  • Run 24 chromatography columns in parallel
  • 1-100+ mg scale purification


  • Antibody purification from 1L or larger starting volume 
  • Risk-free purification scale-up through parallelization
  • Multi-construct design for structural biology
  • Lysis buffer scouting

Operational Modes

  • High-throughput parallel protein purification for:
  • Production: 24 different protein samples, one type of chromatographic resin
  • Multi-step: Automated, multi-column chromatography    
  • Scouting: 24 different chromatographic resins, one protein sample

Links and Documentation

1. Protein Maker Brochure (PDF). Overview of the Protein Maker’s features and benefits.
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3. Peer-reviewed Paper on Lysis Scouting in Acta Crys.

4. Parallelized Protein Purification (PDF) Opportunities and Challenges in Early Stage Bio therapeutics research and Development.

5. Application of the Protein Maker as a platform purification system for therapeutic antibody research and development.

6.  Adapting existing HTPD tools to suit rapid development of affinity purification resin