ME, MEA2 & NOTABLE | Automated Protein Purification System
ME, MEA2 & NOTABLE | Automated Protein Purification System

PhyNexus MEA 2 | Fully Automated Protein Purification System***Request a demo***

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The PhyNexus MEA 2 robot is a bench top 96 well format platform that brings cost effective sample prep right into the researcher’s lab. The MEA 2 fills the productivity gap between semi-automated instruments and 96 channel capability robots. When used with the unique PhyTip Cover, elution plates retain the integrity of the final elution at volumes as low as 10 µL to guarantee high concentrations of ultra-high purity samples. With the dedicated cooling system option, the MEA can be utilized on any standard lab bench without the need to occupy limited cold room space. The MEA 2 system offers the following:

  • Automated programming of a 12 channel system
  • Easy conversion from 200 µL to 1000 µL system
  • Variable plate positions
  • Easy to use software programming – the software is versatile and sophisticated so that it can be programmed for any type of method and chemistry for proteins and plasmids
  • Complete automation
  • Flexibility

The MEA 2 processes 12 samples in parallel, moving down the 8 rows of a plate, giving a powerful advantage over 96-at-a-time robots. Purification conditions can be surveyed to produce optimized capture, wash, and elution of any protein. Side-by-side comparisons along the row of 12 can be made with different conditions moving down each of the 8 rows. After conditions have been surveyed and chosen, the MEA 2 can be programmed to process one or two boxes of 96 samples with the optimized conditions.

  • Automated programming of a 12 channel system: Allows complete flexibility of protocols and applications with maximum throughput. Complete purification of 1-12 samples in parallel, 96 samples in as little as two hours.
  • Diverse applications: Purify proteins, antibodies. Run chromatographic resins such as reverse phase, normal phase and ion exchange. Process complicated biochemistry such as immunoprecipitation, co-immunoprecipitation, conjugations and on-column reactions. Prepare samples for analytics, leads screening, enzyme engineering, and target identification. Simultaneously prep twelve large samples of 60 mL starting volumes.
  • Cold room compatibility: Operate the MEA 2 in a cold box or cold room to ensure sample stability.
  • Easy-to-Use Software Programming:The PhyNexus software comes prepackaged with validated methods for antibody purification, purification of tagged proteins, ion exchange, reverse phase and normal phase chromatography. Users may opt for complete control of the MEA 2 for method and process development. The PhyNexus MEA 2 Operating Software allows the user to reproducibly move the 12-channel system and PhyTip columns to any position on the sample deck and provides complete control of flow rates and volumes. This software and programming flexibility allows the user to easily modify preprogrammed methods or develop complex novel methods that can be stored for future use. The software is designed to operate with PCs running Windows XP, 7 and 8.
  • Complete automation: Completely automated, walk-away purification, chromatography, buffer exchange and desalting. Methods ensure reproducibility and scalability of results.
  • Easy conversion from 200 μL to 1000 μL system: Easily converts within minutes for use with either 200+ or 1000+ PhyTip columns.
  • Variable plate positions: Can be used with a range of different plate types and positions that give complete flexibility. There are two positions available for PhyTip column boxes or pipette tip boxes, four positions for sample, wash, and elution plates, and one position for a 250 µL buffer reservoir. Two plate positions are capable of cooling to 4°.
  • Flexibility: Configure the MEA 2 to process proteins. Methods are transferrable to virtually any liquid handing instrument for increased throughput.