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TwistAmp RPA Technology

Point-of-Care Molecular Test for the Detection of 14 High-Risk Genotypes of Human Papillomavirus in a Single Tube

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Cervical cancers constitute a large disease burden in developing countries, with the human papillomavirus (HPV) being responsible for most cervical lesions. Many regions in low-resource countries lack adequate access to sensitive point-of-care (POC) screening tools, preventing timely diagnosis and treatment. To reduce screening barriers, we developed a POC HPV molecular test that detects 14 high-risk HPV types in 30 min in a single assay. We introduced innovations to the underlying amplification (recombinase polymerase amplification) and detection methodologies such as improved probe design, reagent lyophilization, and pipette-less processing to increase sensitivity while enabling minimally trained personnel to conduct reproducible testing. Based on 198 clinically derived samples, we demonstrated a sensitivity of 93% and a specificity of 73% compared to an FDA-approved polymerase chain reaction-based clinical method. Our modified pipette-less simplified assay had a sensitivity of 96% and a specificity of 83%. The application of our assay is intended as a near-patient screening tool with further evaluation by a clinician for confirmation.