BioToolomics' Process Chromatography Media
BioToolomics' Process Chromatography Media

Activated Chromatography Media

Activated Chromatography Media 제품 문의

BioToolomics has developed a broad range of activated media with a variety of coupling chemistries for efficient, fast, easy, and safe immobilization of various functional ligands. The base matrix is made of agarose that is very hydrophilic and shows very low nonspecific adsorption. The pore structures have been carefully designed for the coupling of small or large ligands. High selectivity and high capacity make custom immobilization technique ideally suited to the isolation of specific molecules of complex biological feedstocks at improved flexibility. The main benefits of our activated media are as follows:

  • Activated media enable successful and convenient immobilization of ligands without the need for complex or toxic chemical processing.
  • No special chemical or equipment is required.
  • It allows customers to design and produce reliable affinity adsorbents of their own to match individual applications.
  • It gives high coupling efficiency and high capacity.
  • There is a wide range of choices to suit various functional groups.
  • The base matrix has high flow property.
  • A wide range of activated magnetic media enable the fabrication of magnetic adsorbents (resins).

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