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New Technologies & New Products

Milenia ProteinDetect : Sensitive Protein Detection

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Milenia ProteinDetect helps you detect your specific Antibody, find your Protein or a specific Protein-Tag

With Milenia ProteinDetect you can verify antigen specific binding, detect a specific Protein or a specific Protein-Tag.

The test princible is based on a universal dipstick. The dipstick can be used for the detection of antigen or for the detection of specific antibodies.

Top 5 reasons for choosing ProteinDetect for your next project:

  1. Result within 10 minutes
  2. High sensitivity
  3. Detection in a variety of samples
  4. Alternative to Dotblot
  5. No blocking solution, no secondary Antibody needed

Milenia® ProteinDetect - The FAST and EASY Dotblot Alternative 

This video shows possible applications: 

► Verify if your Antibody is specific 

► Detect native, recombinant Proteins, Protein-Tags 

► Visualize Specific Binding at different Antibody Concentrations 

All within 10 min!