QuDye Protein Quantification Kit (optimized for Qubit®)

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25102QuDye Protein Quantification Kit, 500 assays
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The kit includes concentrated 200x assay reagent, dilution buffer, and protein standards 0, 200 and 400 ng/uL optimised for the area of measurements. The assay has a low variability depending on the protein type and is tolerant to contaminants, as reducing agents, nucleotides, free amino acids DNA, but not detergents. The assay is accurate for initial samples concentrations from 12.5 ug/mL to 5 mg/mL. The experiment is performed at room temperature, and the signal is stable for 3 hours.

The quality of measurements can be even higher when the same buffer is used to calculate the background and to prepare the sample.

This kit allows to simply dilute the reagent concentrate and start your measurements. Qubit® instrument allows to read samples with volume from 1–20 uL.

QuDye Protein Quantification kit (optimised for Qubit®)
QuDye Protein Quantification kit (optimised for Qubit®)

General properties

Storage conditions:Store at +4 °С. Warm to RT before use.


Storage time in month:12