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Ara h1 Antibody (3B7)

Ara h1 Antibody (3B7) 제품|주문 문의

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Ara h1 Antibody (3B7)
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The Ara h1 Antibody clone 3B7 is a mouse monoclonal IgG1 antibody to Ara h1. Ara h1 is a major peanut allergen and therefore involved in one of the most serious Food allergies. The glycoprotein Ara h1 has a molecular weight of 64 kDa (monomer). Ara h1 is a heat-stable protein, which forms a stable homotrimer.

This product is for research use only, not for use in diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

Western blot, Dot blot, ELISA
Range/Assay Sensivity
Optimal Dilution 1: 5 000 to 1: 20 000
Test Principle

Tested Applications: Western blot, Dot blot, Elisa

The optimal dilution for Western blot application is 1:5 000 to 1:20 000.

Since applications vary, each experimenter should optimize the conditions in order to achieve optimal results.