Automated Plasmid DNA Miniprep

Automated High Throughput Miniprep For Liquid Handling Robots

Say goodbye to problematic plasmid minipreps with MiniPrep PhyTip columns for automated high throughput HTP plasmid miniprep DNA purification.

  • No filtration or centrifugation of lysate required
  • Consistent purification of up to 15 μg
  • Transfection grade and sequencing-ready
  • 96 samples at a time
  • Suitable for transfection, transformation, sequencing, PCR and cloning.
  • Fast and fully automated from the cell pellet

PhyTip columns are available for major 96-channel liquid handling robots including:

  • Beckman Coulter FX & NX 96-well
  • Dynamic Devices Oasis & Lynx
  • Hamilton Nimbus, Star, and Vantage
  • Tecan Freedom Evo MCA 96-well

Citation Genentech and PhyNexus Publication – Implementation of High Throughput DNA Production Pipeline