oCelloScope Live-Cell Imaging System
oCelloScope Live-Cell Imaging System

공지 oCelloScope Live-cell imaging System drives faster, label-free Bioanalysis !!!

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Do you know how your cells develope?

With oCelloScope you get a deeper insight and more information about your cells with real-time kinetic data. oCelloScope automatically acquires and analyzes images in standard microtitter plates, and frees up researchers’ time, increases sample throughput, and delivers richer data.


oCelloScope is a unique live-cell imaging system for sensitive and detailed monitoring of biological growth and development. The oCelloScope system integrates 3 key features: 

  • Unique proprietary scanning technology, FluidScopeTM
  • Powerful image analysis software
  • Precision mechanical engineering 

Together the features provides detailed information and enables researchers to set up high-throughput testing and robust time-lapse studies.

How can you benefit from  live-cell image analysis with oCelloScope?

By combining continuous real-time imaging and powerful image analysis software with oCelloScope:  

  • You will never miss a data point again
  • Capture and profile time dependent events  
  • Analyze microbial growth and development 
  • Visualize and validate the results with images and videos

oCelloScope Workflow

With oCelloScope and the powerful UniExplorer software your research are supported day and night.

Make your experiment in any environment

  • oCelloScope fits inside your Incubator or anaerobic chamber
  • Compatible with standard microtiter plates, from 6 to 96 wells

Setup automated acquisition and analysis

  • Easy-to-use user interface for simple and flexible setup of your experiment
  • Auto-focus and auto-illumination secures high quality data

Acquire images for as long as you like

  • Automatically acquire images for hours, days or weeks  
  • Use UniExplorer’s continue mode for running multiple long-term experiments simultaneously

View and Analyze in real-time

  • Follow you experiment in real-time with visualization of images and analysis
  • Get a instant overview of your full 96-well plate
  • Analyse single cells and mixed cultures

FluidScopeTM scanning technology

oCelloScope is based on a unique optical scanning technology FluidScopeTM combining optical techniques such as phase contrast, brightfield and confocal-like microscopy.

Together with advanced image processing algorithms, the FluidScopeTMtechnology provides:

  • Fast scanning of a volume in the sample
  • Greater freedom of operation with multiple Z-layers acquired simultaneously
  • Detailed 3D information at a single cell level
  • Requires no pre-treatment, staining or additional reagents

For further details go to the technology page


oCelloScope is used for several applications within real-time cell monitoring.  Spore germentation, Cell morphology, Cell proliferation & migration, Antimicrobial Suseptibility Testing & Growth Kinetics. With a growing collection or peer reviewed articles, new applications using oCelloScope are being published continuously.